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Intimidation often happens in dark corners, we shine a bright light.
— Hunter Heaney, Co-founder

One Time
Atena Farghadani

Atena Farghadani Freed

Atena Farghadani is an Iranian cartoonist who was sentenced in February, 2015 to twelve-and-a-half years in prison over a cartoon of the county’s parliament as animals, drawn in protest of a law which would restrict women’s access to birth...

Pema Rigdzin Freed

Since 2008, China has jailed many Tibetan writers, artists and singers for encouraging Tibetan national and cultural identity. Pema Rigdzin (also spelled Rigzin), a producer of Tibetan music and one of the artists featured in The Voice Project’s Free...

El Sexto Freed

On December 26, 2014, the street and performance artist Danilo Maldonado Machado, known as “El Sexto,” was arrested in Cuba and charged with contempt while walking two pigs, named Fidel and Raúl, to Havana’s Central Park for a performance...

El Haqed

El Haqed Freed From Prison

Since 2011, Morocco’s government has arrested and sentenced Mouad Belghouat, known throughout Morocco and Tunisia as the rapper El Haqed (or L7a9ed), three times in trials which have been condemned by numerous international human rights observers as unfair, biased,...


Gebey Released

The 27-year-old Tibetan singer disappeared after being arrested on May 24, 2014 by Chinese security forces. This was immediately after a concert where he performed songs off his 2012 album that spoke of the need to preserve Tibetan language...

Pussy Riot Support

Throughout their trial and until their release from imprisonment The Voice Project was there for Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova, Masha Alekhina, Yekaterina Samutsevich and their families, providing legal defense fees, safety monitoring and provisioning at the prison camps, and...