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Drop The Case Against Tania

UPDATE: On July 8, 2015, the Cuban government returned Tania’s passport, and on August 21 she arrived in New York. THANK YOU to all who participated in this advocacy, your voice made a difference.

Join The Voice Project and #YoTambiénExijo in calling on the Cuban government to decriminalize free expression.

Cuban performance artist Tania Bruguera was arrested outside her home on December 30th 2014, on her way to Havana’s Revolution Square, where she was to set up a microphone for Cubans to make their voices heard, one minute at a time. The purpose of the work, she said, was “to tell people in the street ‘come and share with us your doubts, your happiness – whatever you think right now about what is happening in Cuba, and what is the idea of Cuba that you want?'”

Though Tania has been released from prison, the charges against her remain and her passport confiscated – while the government constructs a case she is subject to constant surveillance, and harassment, and cannot leave the country for fear of being forbidden to return. Because of government control in the judicial system, she has been unable to find a lawyer to represent her in the upcoming trial.

Free speech and self-expression are not crimes, and should not be treated as such. Join The Voice Project and #YoTambiénExijo in speaking up for free expression and calling on the Cuban government to drop the case against Tania Bruguera.

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