Imprisoned For Art

Free El Sexto

Update: El Sexto been freed after spending 10 months behind bars! THANK YOU to everyone for your help in achieving this fantastic outcome!


On December 26, 2014, the street and performance artist Danilo Maldonado Machado, known as “El Sexto,” was arrested in Cuba and charged with contempt while walking two pigs, named Fidel and Raúl, to Havana’s Central Park for a performance titled “Rebelión en la Granja” (Animal Farm.) El Sexto has been held in Havana’s Valle Grande Prison since the 26th, with no date set for his trial.

Free speech and self-expression are not crimes, and should not be treated as such. Join The Voice Project and #YoTambiénExijo in speaking up for free expression and calling on the Cuban government to drop the cases against Tania Bruguera and Danilo Maldonado Machado “El Sexto.”

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