Refugee Life

UPDATE: This campaign has ended. Thank you for helping make refugee voices heard.

“One day my friend Basel and I, Mahmoud, woke up in the Idomeni refugees camp and surprisingly we did not see any cameras nor reporters. Since we arrived in Greece, we got used to seeing cameras everyday, but no they were gone, and therefore we have decided to become reporters with cameras and microphones. We cannot afford real equipment, so we built them ourselves. The microphone is a tea cup covered with domestic Syrian socks, and the camera is made from a cartoon box and an empty bottle functioning as camera-lens.

We went out in the camp to ask the refugees opinion about our idea and all of them were supporting us with smiles on their faces. Then we started interviewing them by asking about their situations, everyone we asked started responding to us as if we were recording for real and they explained their tragedy living life in Idomeni camp and how they had left their homes seeking a normal safe life in Europe, but now they ended up at the borders of Macedonia unaware of what was going to happen to them. It seems that for them living in where they are at the moment is almost as bad as it was in Syria, worrying about what tomorrow will bring and as cold as it was in Syria without houses. yet no hope of any help from the United Nations, EU or any other countries.

This is how the idea of recording our situation in the Idomeni camp came to life, but this time with real professional equipment. We want to show the world this tragic situation with sick children, and educated and talented people hopelessly sleeping on the roads that has become a reality of our lives. Our aim is to record this sarcastically as the international politic news keeps talking about us yet without any actions…”

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