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Intimidation often happens in dark corners, we shine a bright light.
— Hunter Heaney, Co-founder

One Time
Freedom Of Expression

Solidarity Wisconsin

UPDATE: On January 29, 2015, Wisconsin’s Fourth District Court of Appeals dismissed all of the approximately 400 cases brought against the Solidarity Singers. THANK YOU to everyone for your help in achieving this fantastic outcome! Six protesters were awarded $44,830 in damages from the state, and lawyers suggest that the total fees paid by the state may total over $1 million.


We’d like to express our deep appreciation to the participants of the Solidarity Sing Alongs for their ongoing collaboration in this video and overall campaign. In particular, we’d like to give a huge thanks our co-producer Leslie Amsterdam Peterson, to her and Arthur Kohl-Riggs and Craig Spaulding for the footage of the crackdown, to Brandon Barwick, Katy Reeder and Jim Murray, as well as to John Riggs who so graciously let us use Tamarack Studios. And most of all, we’d like to thank these and all participants of the Solidarity Sing Alongs for standing up for the freedoms of all of us, for the time and sacrifices they’ve made and continue to make. They are the ones that make a democracy possible. — Hunter Heaney, Erik Lohr and the entire Voice Project team.

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