Help us in our mission of defending freedom of expression and supporting those who are persecuted and prosecuted for using their voices to creatively advocate for change. Defending freedom of expression for individuals is one of the great fights of our time. Advocacy works, check out the "Our Work" tab to see what we've been able to accomplish. Please consider a donation to The Voice Project to help us do more.

Intimidation often happens in dark corners, we shine a bright light.
— Hunter Heaney, Co-founder

One Time
Our Work

We defend freedom of expression and support activist-artists worldwide.

In the fight against oppression and injustice, the first step is having to the freedom to speak out, to raise one’s voice, and it is the activist-artist who so often sounds the alarm and call others to join in action. These early responders to injustice and oppression need to be able to do so free from persecution and prosecution. Movements and issues ranging from the environment to equality and fighting global poverty are dependent on the individual’s ability to advance these causes via this foundational human right; freedom of expression. Through music and other art forms, artists around the world utilize this right to freedom of expression to clarify, engage, question, and advance the causes which help advance our species. Our goal is to be on the front lines defending those who use their voice to speak out.

In this era of greatly increasing globalization, and what seems to be a concomitant marginalization of individual rights, we’ve seen increased pressure brought to bear to limit freedom of expression and prosecute those activist-artists who speak out, so we feel that today, this work is more relevant and more important than ever.

“The support we received from The Voice Project was a miracle. It’s incredible to sit behind bars and know that there are hundreds and thousands of people who care, and I ask you to continue to care about those who are in harm’s way. Thank you everyone and thank you Voice Project.”

- Nadya Tolokonnikova, Pussy Riot