HuaYong is a well known painter in Beijing who has been posting videos documenting forced evictions and demolitions in poor neighbourhoods.

Fearing arrest, he had fled the capital but was tracked down by the authorities, and he filmed a last video message for his young daugther as the police were breaking down his door.

“Daddy loves you! For your generation, Daddy is willing to sacrifice so you won’t have to live in such a wretched state like us,” he say sin the video message. “Chinese people should learn to stand up! I’m willing to play the martyr. Whether it is death, torture or prison, I’ll take it in stride! Come rain or shine, whatever will be wil be. But for the sake of our children’s generation, for my rights as a human being! For the right to tell the truth! It’s well worth it!”

The video has now been widely shared and reposted.

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