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One Time

On November 5, 2016, Amir Tataloo was convicted of “spreading western immorality” and sentenced to 5 years in prison and 74 lashes.

Despite his popularity, Tataloo has never been approved by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. His request for a permit has been repeatedly denied. Without an official license, his songs cannot be played on the radio or TV, performed in public, or recorded. This has forced him to operate as an underground musician, like so many others in Iran.

After the sentencing, Tataloo posted this for his 3.5 million Instagram followers.

God I’m satisfied with your satisfaction!! You’ve got one who only belongs to you and will give his life to you!! You say lay down, and I will lay at your feet! I’m right here and I’m not dressed as a sheep, because being imprisoned in my own country is better than being free on others’ terms and violating my principles!! I will continue my training so that if I remain outside I can be a champion, and if I’m not, you are great, and you will give me a way to serve and stand before you at the end of my days. The rest is up to you.

Amir Tataloo is currently imprisoned in Evin Prison, Tehran’s high-security facility for political prisoners and other prisoners of conscience.

Creating music is not a crime. Please lend your voice to ask the Iranian government to release this artist.

Amir Tataloo

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