Tibetan Musician Achok Phulshung, one of the artists featured in The Voice Project’s Free The Artists of Tibet campaign, was released from prison on Thursday after serving a 4 year sentence. Phulshung was imprisoned for singing songs praising the Dalai Lama. Before his arrest, he had released five albums that focused on life in Tibet and Tibetan national pride.

Chinese authorities have jailed many Tibetan writers, artists, and singers for expressing Tibetan national and cultural identity. Many of the singers have been arbitrarily detained for long periods prior to sentencing.

Phulshung comes from a nomadic family and his music is popular among the nomads as it tells of their way of life and their struggles. Many Tibetans refer to him as “Pride Singer.”

Phulshung is now 33 years old and has returned home where his return was celebrated by neighbors and community members. You can continue to raise your voice on behalf of imprisoned Tibetan artists here: http://voiceproject.org/takeaction/free-the-artists-of-tibet/

Achok Phulshung


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