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Update: Lolo was released October 30, 2017 after serving his full five year sentence.
Update: Kalsang Yarphel was released July 10, 2017 after serving his full four year sentence.
Update: Achok Phulshung was released February 2, 2017 after serving his full four year sentence.
Update: Pema Thinley and Chakdor were released October 3, 2016 after serving their full four year sentences.
Update: Pema Rigzin was released from prison October 23, 2015, after serving nearly 11 months of a more than two-year sentence for producing banned patriotic Tibetan songs.

Chinese ethnocide in Tibet has involved a careful policy of cultural cleansing by imprisoning Tibetan artists who speak out about the government’s policy of abuse or even simply advocate for cultural pride or sing about continuing Tibetan traditions or language. The United Nations has described torture in Tibet as being “widespread” and “routine.” China is trying to erase Tibet and Tibetan culture from the world, and Tibetan activist artists are one of the most important and last lines of defense. The following artists are currently imprisoned by China in Tibet: Kalsang Yarphel (released), Pema Thinley (released), Chakdor (released), Lolo (released), Shawo Tashi, Achok Phulshung (released), Choksal, Trinley Tsekar, Gongpo Tsezin, and Topden (Dro Ghang Gah). We simply cannot let this pass, these 10 artists sitting in prison cells for simply expressing themselves and pride in their cultural.

The imprisonment of the Tibetan artists should be intolerable to the international community and we can not turn a blind eye to China’s systematic persecution of the Tibetan people or to the basic human rights violations be perpetrated against these musicians. We urge you to join us and use your voice to speak up on their behalf.

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