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  • Free El Sexto

    Art is NOT a crime. Stand up for this political artist who is sitting in a Cuban prison right now!

  • 43 Years in Prison for a Tweet?

    Cartoonist Zunar charged with 9 counts of sedition in Malaysia. He faces a potential 43 years in prison over a tweet.

  • Thailand: Free "The Wolf Bride" Student Actors

    Call on the government of Thailand to free two students sentenced to two years in prison for simply putting on a satirical play.

  • Free The Tibet 10!

    ACT NOW: Speak out for imprisoned Tibetan singers. As a global community we have to act to end Chinese ethnocide in Tibet.

  • Zona Prava: Prisoners' Rights

    Founded by the two formerly imprisoned members of Pussy Riot, the goal of Zona Prava is to aid those who, though they may be deprived of liberty in camps and prisons, are not willing to be stripped of their dignity.

  • Freedom of Expression is Every Human’s Right

    The Voice Project unconditionally condemns any and all attempts to extinguish free press, intimidate writers and artists, or silence the voices of dissent.

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Free El Sexto

On December 26, 2014, the street and performance artist Danilo Maldonado Machado, known as “El Sexto,” was arrested in Cuba and charged with contempt while walking two pigs, named Fidel and Raúl, to Havana’s Central Park for a performance titled “Rebelión en la Granja” (Animal Farm.)

43 Years in Prison for a Tweet?

Cartoonist Zunar to face 9 sedition charges tomorrow in Malaysia and faces a potential 43 years in prison over a tweet he posted in February.

“The support we received from The Voice Project was a miracle. It’s incredible to sit behind bars and know that there are hundreds and thousands of people who care, and I ask you to continue to care about those who are in harm’s way. Thank you everyone and thank you Voice Project.”

- Nadya Tolokonnikova, Pussy Riot